1 Techno-economic prefeasibility study for a Power-to-Chemical plant in Magallanes, Chile

2 Prefeasibility study for Hydrogen Port in France

3 Power-to-X supply chains modeling and optimizatio

4 Corporate H2 roadmap for O&G state-owned company

5 Project Development Assistance for a 20 MW electrolyser project for the production of e-methanol, The Netherlands

6 Feasibility study for the production of green hydrogen for a hydrogen peroxide plant

7 Energy Transition Business Cases in Antofagasta, Chile (Power to mobility, and LH2 Export)

8 Green H2 for the methanol

9 Feasibility analysis to produce green hydrogen coupled to wind energy assets in Patagonia, Argentina

10 Business cases of green methanol and methane from electrolytic hydrogen

11 BBusiness case analysis for renewable fuels in an innovation park in the context of REDII directive

12 Scouting and assessment of the large-scale electrolyzer  projects in development(>10MW) in Europe, North America, LATAM, and Australia

13 Prefeasibility of a Green Power-to-Ammonia project in Chile

14 Power-to-Ammonia Energy Analysis on an existing Power-to-Ammonia facility in Peru

15 Conceptual and basic design of a Green Hydrogen Forklift solution for a Retail Company

16 Green H2 P2P Application to decarbonize platinum refinery

17 Mining Market Study for H2 applications, Chile

18 E-Fuels production techno-economic study, France

19 Business case definition of green methanol production from electrolytic hydrogen, The Netherlands

20 Power-to-Hydrogen Early Business Cases: Identification and analysis of the most attractive business cases for « Power-to-Hydrogen » projects in Europe between 2017 and 2025

21 Support in the development of the first 20 MW electrolyzer in Europe for Delfzijl, the Netherlands.

22 Techno-economic analysis about the hydrogen recovery potential as a sub-product in a chemical plant in Akzo Nobel

23 Green hydrogen demonstration pilot for different end-use applications for the Oman National O&G company (PDO)

24 Market study for hydrogen and electrolyzers in Latin America

25 Technical, economic and financial feasibility for the production of green hydrogen in Colombia

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