Fuel cell applications and sustainable transport

1 Power-to-X supply chains modeling and optimization 

2 Project Development Assistance for French national hydrogen train program (14 H2 trains)

3 Energy Transition Business Cases in Antofagasta, Chile (Power to mobility, and LH2 Export)

4 Conceptual and basic design of a Green Hydrogen Forklift solution for a Retail Company

5 Evaluation of scenarios about price reductions and hydrogen vehicles performance by 2040 – France

 6 Prefeasibility study for an hydrogen & electric car-sharing model at the French Riviera for visitors  (tourist and professionals)

 7 Techno-economic model for a fleet of 80,000 vehicles

8 Objective ”End of fossil fuels vehicles sales by 2040”

9 Feasibility evaluation for the deployment of hydrogen vehicles in Paris as a service provision

10 Integration of electric vehicles in Corcega as a potential mean for energy storage

11 Structuration of the energy roadmap for transportation in the French Guyana with a 100% consumption of renewables by 2050

12 Alternative energy scenarios for urban buses and a BRT system in Amiens, France

13 Prefeasibility study for the implementation of trains based on hydrogen technologies in France.

14 Analysis of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market in China

15 Techno-economic & Environmental performance comparison of GHG-Neutral fuels & drivetrains for HDVs

16 Hydrogen Region 2.0 – Assisted POM West Flanders (Belgium) in kicking off hydrogen economy for heavy-duty mobility

17 Analysis of hydrogen paths of valuation in Uruguay analysis. Identification and conceptualization of long distance transportation pilot.

18 Techno-economic studies to make available a hydrogen ecosystem for mobility in Costa Rica

19 Techno-economic feasibility analysis for fuel cell vehicles and battery electric vehicles in Antofagasta, Chile.

20 Pilot test program for 18 months for electric buses in Buenos Aires.

21 Elaboration of the National Strategy for Electric Mobility of Ecuador

22 Executive training in electric mobility focused on FCEV in Colombia

23 Identification and conceptualization of a pilot program about long-distance mobility with buses and electric trucks based on hydrogen.

24 Diagnostic of the Peruvian transport sector towards the introduction of clean technologies.

25 Design of the transportation NAMA for Peru and its monitoring, report and evaluation system.