Investors & Donors

1 Innovation Fund Applications 2021 – 2022

2 Pre-Feasibility Study and EU funding request for Portuguese hydrogen cluster

3 Due diligence for renewable hydrogen supply to a chemical plant in Latin America

4 Definition of a public financing strategy for a 100MW electrolyser project

5 Lifecycle analysis of advanced biofuel GHG savings in the context of the RED II

6 H2 industrial strategy for islands and isolated territories.

7 Market assessment evaluating the potential opportunities and threats about Chinese electrolyzer manufacturers

8 Funding Strategy for the North Sea Wind Power initiative

9 Supporting the development of an application for the EU innovation Fund for a 100 MW electrolyzer

10 Technical Due Diligence of an H2 electrolyzer supplier

11 Analysis of the global green hydrogen markets and the potential role of Costa Rica within it

12 Scouting of funding opportunities for the green ammonia HyEx Project in Chile

13 Assessment of opportunities for green hydrogen in Mexico for the private sector, and the state-owned energy companies