Juan Esteban Duque


Juan Esteban is a chemical engineer holding a master’s degree with honors in Energy Systems from Facultad de Minas – Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He cumulates eight years of experience working on techno-economic analysis, energy efficiency, manufacturing productivity, low-carbon fuels, and renewable and non-renewable energy.

Before joining Hinicio in 2021, he worked as operations and project manager for a Colombian firm specializing in energy efficiency and clean technologies for the industrial sector, especially for manufacturing processes. During his professional career, Juan E. worked as an energy consultant for international projects with Sandia National Laboratories (USA), Clean Combustion Research Center (Saudi Arabia), and Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany). Juan E. is currently an advisor to the Colombia Productiva program of the Ministry of Commerce, and a technical-economic peer reviewer in Colombia Científica from the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation. He is fluent in Spanish and English.