Leonie Hikita


Leonie is a highly accomplished professional with a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy from Johns Hopkins University, where she specialized in energy policy and green hydrogen development. Her academic journey began with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Musahsi University in Japan. Her career showcased her multicultural and multilingual capabilities and was based on the mission to de-carbonize the industry.

Before joining Hinicio, Leonie made contributions to sustainable investments in a US investment firm and a Korean bank. Her responsibilities included conducting thorough due diligence and strategically investing in hydrogen-related startups. Additionally, she worked as a solution consultant at SAP. In this capacity, Leonie optimized enterprise systems and enhanced energy efficiency by refining the product supply chain for industrial clients.

Leonie’s expertise extends across the entire hydrogen value chain, encompassing project development, certification mechanisms, and regulations in the Asian market. Her commitment to advancing the hydrogen economy on a global scale is the driving force behind her professional journey. As a native Japanese speaker, Leonie is fluent in English, Korean and German.