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Certification advisory services

Building on a world class team of experts we provide advisory services leading to a successful certification and regulatory compliance process for hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives

Do you want to ensure that your hydrogen production facility and supply chain will pass the certification requirements?
We support you through the low-carbon hydrogen certification process by doing pre-compliance checks to ensure that your product and process meet the regulatory certification requirements. Our services include:

Asset Strategy: Valorizing your production capacity for the different green/low carbon hydrogen market segments the EU is developing via Green Deal, Gas Package, FitFor55 Package…

Precertification: We support you through the low carbon hydrogen certification process by performing pre-compliance checks to ensure that your plants and products meet the regulatory certification requirements. Pre-compliance checks will reveal any potential gaps to ensuring compliance with EU rules and recommendations to eliminate them. We propose compliance measures to prepare you for certification and audits.

Do you need support for the implementation of a national H2 GO scheme?

We provide advisory services throughout all the implementation steps of a GO scheme:

· Definition of the regulatory framework: we design national regulation considering the EU regulation and the national context. We can assist with the appointment of responsible bodies (issuing bodies, certification bodies,..)

· Design of the GO scheme: we define the scope of the GO scheme, the GO content, the GO scheme rules and the governance according to the Renewable Energy Directive and the European standards (CEN EN16325, EECS)

· Implementation of the GO scheme: We assist on the definition of internal and external processes as well as IT requirements for your registry

· Market development: we start up a pilot project by gathering feedback on design and implementation and informing market participants on scheme rules

Do you want to know more about our globally recognized hydrogen certification framework?

CertifHy™ is an internationally accepted and harmonized certification scheme for renewable and low carbon hydrogen, developed in collaboration with the hydrogen industry. We have developed a reliable tool that provides trust to consumers by providing full transparency on hydrogen’s origin and its method of production. Hinicio has been pioneering and leading hydrogen certification efforts for over half a decade. Since 2014, Hinicio along with other public and private organisations in Europe has been initiating and leading the EU CertifHy™ program on the certification of hydrogen.

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Do you want to issue and/or trade your H2 certificates? 

RegistrHy is your one-stop shop for hydrogen certification. It enables the issuance, transfer and use of hydrogen certificates as defined by the CertifHy schemes, including EU RED2 compliance certificates (RFNBOs) and CertifHy Non-Governmental Certificates (book & claim).

RegistrHy is the platform to ensure your audit and certification processes are running smoothly while providing secure bookkeeping services for all your certificates, in one single place.

Training and capacity building solutions​

We support our clients from the public and the private sector to fully understand the hydrogen ecosystem and to increase capacity building in different segments of the value chain.

Do you want to understand hydrogen concerning your specific needs deeply?

We offer strategic training focused on the energy, transportation and industrial sectors to help you seize particular opportunities and challenges. This service provides a fast-learning cycle to prepare your team for the energy transition initiatives, understanding complex linkages between hydrogen technologies, economy, markets, and public policies.

Do you want to enrich your knowledge of hydrogen and fuel cells in the public sphere?

Our experts could assist and support your company or organization in webinars, conferences, exhibitions and/or specific presentations where hydrogen expertise is a must. Besides, we constantly participate as keynote speakers in some of the most important hydrogen events worldwide, bringing you updated information and market trends that can help you leverage your perspective internationally.


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