Hydrogène Quel horizon pour la pêche bretonne?

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This study focuses on fostering synergies between traditional and emerging maritime activities. It combines the expertise of the fishing industry with that of energy companies involved in hydrogen and low-carbon shipping.

The study suggests that by 2050, depending on the envisioned scenarios, hydrogen adoption could range from 400 to 800 ships in Brittany. A capacity of 90 to 160 MW would be required to meet this demand through electrolysis, consuming between 90 and 100 GWh of electricity. This would entail an investment of 50 to 100 million euros in production, storage, transport, and supply infrastructures.

Hinicio | Bureau Veritas

Unlocking Green and Just Hydrogen in Latin America and the Caribbean


This study provides an overview of the key findings and recommendations from a comprehensive document on the deployment of low-carbon hydrogen (GLCH) in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). It highlights the potential of LAC to become a global leader in GLCH production, leveraging its abundant renewable energy resources and existing infrastructure. The document emphasizes the importance of national strategies, supportive policies, and investments in infrastructure and research to unlock this potential. It also explores the challenges and opportunities associated with GLCH production, including electrolyzers, renewable energy integration, and the development of value chains for GH2 derivatives.

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Prospectiva Energética: Hidrógeno Verde en Nuevo León


El estado de Nuevo León cuenta con una abundante actividad industrial, albergada en una gran cantidad de parques y clústeres industriales, concentrados principalmente en la Zona Metropolitana de Monterrey (ZMM), en donde también se producen la mayoría de sus productos para exportación. En términos de manufactura, la industria automotriz es el principal motor económico, representando junto con la producción de equipos eléctricos y electrodomésticos, el 62% de sus exportaciones. El principal socio comercial e inversionista del estado de Nuevo León son los Estados Unidos, seguido de Canadá y de Brasil.

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