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Aline Dejewski

Office Manager

Aline Dejewski is a payroll, HR and accounting manager with a BTS Management Assistant for PME-PMI, obtained under a work-study contract in France. Before joining Hinicio France, Aline Dejewski worked for several companies, as Xilam Animation, MAMA Edition, HALMA PLC (London) and Guindala Production, as Payroll & HR and accounting manager. Aline was the CEO of Guindala Production and she had to supervise the whole administrative part as well as the budgets allocated by different TV channels to be able to make the documentaries produced.

When she was working for HALMA PLC, an English company, she liaised with tax lawyers to ensure that bonuses granted to French executives, in compliance with English law, were properly processed in payroll. In addition, she was responsible for the payroll French department. She was the right hand of the Administrative and Financial Director, on finance and forecast. She has more than 20 years’ seniority in the post.

Aline is French and speaks English and Spanish.