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Why hydrogen?

Certainly, hydrogen and fuel cells could be, without a doubt, part of the solution to the climate crisis, becoming a foundation for energy and transportation systems in the future and turning into a critical asset to decarbonize several strategic industries. This revolution has already started in Europe, Asia and the Americas, but which are the […]

Challenges of climate change

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – the atmospheric gases responsible for causing global warming and climatic change – are critical to understanding and addressing the climate crisis. Despite an initial dip in global GHG emissions due to COVID-19, the United Nations Environment Programme’s latest Emissions Gap Report (EGR) expects a strong rebound in 2021, when emissions […]

Daniel López

Legal & Financial Affairs Manager Daniel, a Colombian-Spanish lawyer, and a marketing professional, joined Hinicio at the beginning of  2017. He has broad experience and knowledge in administrative management, acquired by developing businesses for 15 years as an entrepreneur and advising companies for 10 years in Spain and Colombia. His professional experience in labor, commercial, […]

Pilar Estévez

Office Manager Pilar holds a Services Manager degree from Los Andes University, with a Minor in Latin American Studies. Before joining Hinicio, she worked as an Insurance Sales Representative for two years and has had multiple assistance jobs including Executive Assistant, Marketing Coordinator and Customer Services Leader. This provided her with an extended background in […]