Frédéric Barth

Senior Advisor

Frédéric holds an engineering Master’s from Mines ParisTech. Frédéric has 24 years of experience working for industrial gas company Air Liquide, covering the entire gas supply chain, with a special focus on hydrogen, and its energy and transport applications. His responsibilities covered operations, technology development, management of regulatory aspects and demonstration / dissemination of hydrogen energy technologies. From 2002, he actively contributed to the development of a hydrogen economy as a recognized expert, taking a leading role in the establishment of global standards and policy frameworks for the economy hydrogen. With this wide and profound experience in the field of hydrogen, Frédéric has developed a comprehensive understanding of hydrogen operations, supply chain and regulation which he puts to Hinicio’s customers’ service. Frédéric is based in Paris, France and speaks fluent French, English, Spanish and Swedish.