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Hans Kulenkampff

Chief Operations Officer

Hans Kulenkampff is a Chemical Engineer from the Universidad de Concepción, Chile. Before joining Hinicio, Hans worked for 5 years at Tractebel ENGIE in Chile, where between 2015 and 2017 he worked as a process engineer in Power & Gas projects. In 2017 he led the transformation of new energy transition services by creating two consulting teams focused on Energy Efficiency and Hydrogen Energy Systems. Since then, he has developed multiple techno-economic studies along the entire hydrogen value chain and for all application segments: Mobility, Industry, and Energy, with a special focus on the chemical and mining industries. In 2018 Hans founded the Chilean Hydrogen Association, where he serves as chairman of the board until 2021. In this role, Hans has been invited as a speaker to more than 10 seminars, courses, and conferences both nationally and internationally.  During 2019 Hans was a visiting researcher at the Techno-Economic Analysis Group of the Jülich Forschungs Zentrum in Germany, one of the most advanced institutes for simulation and optimization of energy systems in Europe. Hans speaks Spanish, English and German, and he also has a basic knowledge of French.