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Internship in Hydrogen Certification – France

Paris, France Deadline for applications: Ongoing basis.

Job description

CertifHy is an international hydrogen certification company based in Brussels, Paris and Munich created with the support of European financing looking to unlock the potential of clean hydrogen for the energy transition.

We are looking to reinforce our team with the purpose of accelerating the roll out of our products and improving our internal processes.

What kind of impact you will have?

  • Active participation in product line development:
    Participate directly in the development of one of our pivotal product lines focused on simplifying hydrogen certification to make it as accessible as possible for its users. By this you will get the chance to showcase your hands-on contribution to shaping and enhancing a crucial aspect of the company’s operations.
  • Strengthening relationships with international partners:
    Actively take part in the further reinforcement of the company’s relationship with key international partners in the energy, hydrogen, fuels and certification sectors. Hereby you will be underscoring your strategic contribution to building and maintaining a global network.
  • Supporting business process development and improvement:
    Provide essential support for the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of key business processes, aimed at enhancing the efficiency of our certification solutions. By doing this, you will highlight your role in driving continuous improvements to streamline operations and meet the evolving demands of the business.

What will you learn:

  • Global project leadership exposure:
    Gain substantial experience in the management and coordination of international, multi-stakeholder projets, contributing to your professional growth through diverse and impactful responsibilities.
  • Mastery from energy transition experts:
    Acquire knowledge from world-renowned experts on the pivotal roles of hydrogen and e-fuels in the energy transition, expanding your expertise in a transformative field guided by industry leaders.
  • Dynamic product development insights:
    Immers yourself in the complexities of designing, developing, and deploying new products within a rapidly evolving market, fostering your skills in navigating the challenges of innovation in a fast-paced and exciting business environment.


Upon completion of the internship, you will get the opportunity to integrate into CertifHy’s operational team and continue to contribute to and thrive in our dynamic work environment.


About Hinicio: Hinicio is a strategy consulting firm specializing in sustainable energy and mobility. Since 2006 Hinicio has been developing and consolidating a unique level competence center in hydrogen and fuel cells, which is now recognized as a leading authority in Europe and Latin America. Hinicio builds on an outstanding team of high-level experts, including chemical, electrical, mechanical, and software engineers, economists, environmentalists, and policy experts. Hinicio is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, and has offices in Paris, Rotterdam, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, Washington DC, and representation in Mexico and Beijing.

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