Juriaan van Tilburg


Juriaan is an experienced Project manager and brings several years of consulting experience on energy transition and system integration aspects related to power, gas and heat. Before joining Hinicio in 2020, he worked for 5 years as a Managing Consultant at the Dutch office of Guidehouse/Navigant, previously Ecofys, on topics ranging from blue and green hydrogen development, smart electricity, gas and heat gids and industrial decarbonisation. Before that, he was a strategy consultant at Alliander, the largest Dutch DSO, working on product and organisational development and corporate venturing in smart grids and telecom. Juriaan has a PhD in Quantum Nanotechnology from Delft University of Technology and a MSc in Physics and Astronomy from the Radboud University of Nijmegen. He speaks fluent English and Dutch and has knowledge of French, German and Italian.