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María de los Ángeles Valenzuela


María de los Ángeles holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María and a diploma of education in Energy for Transportation from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Before joining Hinicio, she spent 8 years in the Ministry of Energy of Chile, initially as a Specialist and finally as Head of the Hydrocarbons Unit in the Fuels & New Energy Division. María de los Ángeles’ expertise in energy is primarily centered on regulatory frameworks, policy design, the oil & gas market and infrastructure, and the transition to alternative fuels.

More specifically, she led the development of the hydrogen fuel regulatory framework in Chile, strengthened and enhanced current oil & gas regulation, designed energy policies for the Chilean Patagonia, and facilitated the introduction of alternative fuels including hydrogen, synthetic, and waste. Prior to the Ministry of Energy, María de los Ángeles worked in the EPC industry where she acquired extensive technical knowledge by designing thermal power plants, performing environmental impact assessments, and monitoring the progress of multiple engineering projects.