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Silvana Castañeda

MarCom Designer

Silvana Castañeda is an Industrial Designer specialized in marketing management. Prior to joining HINICIO, she worked with companies such as COTECMAR, Armada Nacional de Colombia, Fundación Universitaria CEIPA, ENAP, Universidad de la Sabana, Crecimiento Organizacional Lta, and Proyecto Nueva Era Empresarial. In these roles, she held positions as a creative director, experience and user interface designer, and also provided significant support leveraging her knowledge and experience across various aspects of marketing and communications.

She has participated in important projects for Colombia that address current issues related to the energy transition, such as FerroFluvial 4.0 and Project MEC-H2. Through her work, she aims to make a substantial contribution leveraging her creative sensitivity to benefit society. Her projects focus on enhancing the quality of life for living beings and conserving the planet as an invaluable source of resources.