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Hinicio and New Energy Events present the H2LAC Index Platform, which offers an overview of the evolution of the hydrogen market in Latin America & the Caribbean

Following the delivery of three editions of the H2LAC Index during during the Hydrogen Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean (H2LAC), Hinicio and New Energy Events officially launch the H2LAC Index interactive platform.  This new online site provides an overview of the hydrogen market for each country in the region over the past three […]

What direction is the fertilizer industry taking in terms of sustainability? – Insights from Fertilizer Latino Americano 2024

Ammonia (NH₃), a chemical compound composed of nitrogen and hydrogen, is widely used in the production of fertilizers and other chemicals. Currently, approximately 70% of ammonia (derived from natural gas) is utilized in fertilizer production, contributing significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. Given that this industry is responsible for approximately 1% to 2% of global carbon […]