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A draft legislation to promote the production and use of hydrogen in Colombia was presented to the Colombian House of Representatives

In a personal effort, our Head of Hinicio Colombia, Felipe Bernal, led the technical advisory of the Hydrogen Economy Law draft, which was presented to the Colombian House of Representatives this year.

This draft law seeks to promote the development of hydrogen in Colombia, ensuring its production, capture, storage, transportation, use, and export potential in the near future. If passed, the law would seek to:

  1. Strengthen and accelerate the decarbonization of the national economy.
  2. Consolidate clean energy systems.
  3. Strengthen the transition, security, and energy sovereignty in the country.
  4. Promote national food security and sovereignty using hydrogen.


Through these efforts, hydrogen keeps consolidating as a strategic solution to accelerate decarbonization in some of the most Energy-intensive industries (EIIs) in Colombia, including steel production, cement, mining, power generation, transportation, and fertilizers, among others. “This project is a fundamental milestone in supporting the energy transition of hard-to-abate industries in the Colombian economy,” stated Bernal regarding the proposed legislation.

If you are interested in knowing more about the state of hydrogen development in Colombia, please contact us:

Hinicio Colombia
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Felipe Bernal
Head of Hinicio Colombia


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