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REPowerEU and RFNBOs Delegated Acts, two documents for kickstarting the rise of hydrogen and its derivatives in the coming decade.

In May, the EU Commission presented two long-awaited documents:  the “REPowerEU” plan aims to rapidly reduce the EU dependency on imported fossil fuels from Russia and accelerate the energy transition  the Renewable Energy Directive Delegated Acts sets out the framework for the production of renewable hydrogen and derived fuels (RFNBOs)  Both publications are amending major […]

France sets a new road-map for its hydrogen strategy

HINICIO is proud to have completed the study “Trajectory for a great ambition in hydrogen” for France Hydrogen, where we had the opportunity to analyse the hydrogen potential in France towards 2030. This document offers a simplified picture of the actual state of the market and the very wide range of client needs and potential […]