France sets a new road-map for its hydrogen strategy

HINICIO is proud to have completed the study “Trajectory for a great ambition in hydrogen” for France Hydrogen, where we had the opportunity to analyse the hydrogen potential in France towards 2030. This document offers a simplified picture of the actual state of the market and the very wide range of client needs and potential supply arrangements. This study is based upon a sectoral and geographical analysis of hydrogen demand and a large-scale model of the supply chain necessitating the application of a number of simplifying assumptions (typical use cases, averaging etc.). Key takeaways include a mapping of regional hydrogen infrastructures and mobility ecosystems, analysis of financing mechanisms, market potential for electrolysis and impact of new European regulations on hydrogen market uptake in France.

In summary :

  • A new hydrogen goal to reach between 680 and 1000 kT in 2030 for the industry, mobility and energy sectors, i.e. between 6.5 and 10 GW of equivalent electrolysers.
  • A concentration of H2 consumption needs (85% of demand) around industrial centres, ports, airports and metropolises, constituting 7 consumption basins.
  • 15% of diffuse demand for mobility and industry remains essential for the development of demonstrators and the full coverage of the national territory.
  • A major impact of RED2/3 focused on the need for renewable H2 for transport and industry.
  • The need for “gigafactories” to satisfy the French national market and to position better the country for exporting hydrogen in the future.
  • The need to define a national or European strategy in order to secure the supply of critical subcomponents.

If you want to review the entire study, please visit the English version here and the original version in French here.



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