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CertifHy enters into phase 3 to build a H2 GO market as well as a H2 certification scheme for REDII

At the end of this year, the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH 2 JU) has appointed a Consortium constituted of HINICIO, Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB), Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA), Grexel, Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik (LBST) and TÜV SÜD, to lead the formulation and implementation of a three years project to harmonized H2 GO schemes across Europe & beyond, build a market for H2 GO trade in close collaboration with market actors, and design of a Certification Scheme for compliance with RED II renewable fuels.

In this 3rd phase, CertifHy 3 will be using its previous work as a pre-normative research to assist the AIB in the development of a Scheme for renewable Hydrogen in its newly established Gas Scheme Group (GSG), facilitating the future of cross border GOs trades. In parallel, the CertifHy Consortium will be promoting its renewed Stakeholder Platform through 5 different Working Groups (WGs) in which the Consortium will keep on establishing rules on the different allocation methods for renewable and non-renewable energy inputs and GHG, but also defining other uses of GOs (e.g. linked to ETS) and their market, the certification of downstream markets (e.g. Power-to-liquids) and more topics related to new Hydrogen Production Pathways.

Plase visit here the Consortium Official Press Release.

In order to participate in any of the WGs, and engage with the hydrogen stakeholders to shape the 1st EU-wide Hydrogen Guarantee of Origin scheme, please join the Stakeholder Platform and/or its working groups by clicking here.



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