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Energyear Colombia: Exploring the country’s potential


Driven by growing interest in hydrogen and Latin America’s commitment to decarbonization, Hinicio is experiencing growth. The company is strategically expanding its team to accelerate regional hydrogen development.

Hinicio was present at the recent Energyear in Medellin, Colombia, an event fostering discussions on energy transition and renewable energy. Luisa Bueno, Hinicio’s newly appointed Colombia Operations Manager, participated in the only hydrogen-focused panel titled ‘What is the country’s strategy to promote the hydrogen economy and consolidate its potential?’ This panel aimed to shed light on Colombia’s advancements in hydrogen development and the roadmap for building a robust ecosystem.

Bueno stated that “For Hinicio, participating in events that address the main challenges of the energy transition in the country is of utmost importance. These spaces allow us to foster discussions about hydrogen as a viable solution while supporting both public and private clients in achieving their decarbonization goals and developing Power-to-X projects.”



What were the main points in this discussion? What does Colombia need to do to achieve this potential?

  1. Sustainable and competitively priced hydrogen hinges on abundant renewable energy sources. To unlock the full potential of the hydrogen economy and its derivatives, developing a strong and diverse renewable generation fleet is crucial. Additionally, bolstering transmission and distribution infrastructure with sufficient capacity to accommodate large-scale hydrogen projects will be essential.
  2. Developing financing strategies that reduce capital costs will be crucial to promoting hydrogen adoption in developing countries like Colombia. Furthermore, exploring mechanisms to bring down energy costs, which represent roughly 70% of the final hydrogen price, is equally critical.
  3. Colombia has a great opportunity for reindustrialization through hydrogen. The main strategy to materialize this opportunity is to develop actions in the sectors with the greatest short-term potential: refineries, chemicals, fertilizers, and heavy mobility.

Hinicio’s commitment to gender equality in its growing team, coupled with its participation in industry events, fosters a diverse and qualified talent pool. This not only fuels discussions on strengthening the hydrogen ecosystem but also sets a powerful example for sustainable development across Latin America.

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