Hinicio and New Energy Events present the H2LAC Index Platform, which offers an overview of the evolution of the hydrogen market in Latin America & the Caribbean

Following the delivery of three editions of the H2LAC Index during during the Hydrogen Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean (H2LAC), Hinicio and New Energy Events officially launch the H2LAC Index interactive platform. 

This new online site provides an overview of the hydrogen market for each country in the region over the past three years (2021-2023), examining five categories that influence the development of the hydrogen economy in the region: public policies and regulations, projects in operation or under development, local hydrogen economy, hydrogen applications, and export planning and international agreements.

Hydrogen Index for Latin America & the Caribbean – www.h2lacindex.com

Annually, Hinicio and New Energy Events survey representatives from various Latin American and Caribbean countries, including government officials, market experts from both the public and private sectors, and representatives from international organizations, to gather information on the H2 ecosystem. The results are analyzed and validated by a group of experts using a scoring methodology that forms the basis for ranking countries and their historical development.

The H2LAC Index aims to provide support to senior government officials, industry experts, and investors to enhance the region’s capacity to lead this market at a global level. To achieve this, a set of traceable and quantifiable indicators has been developed to comprehensively measure the development of the sector in the region, identifying leading countries and analyzing key information to foster constructive discussions at the national and regional levels.

Through fact sheets and graphs that analyze the level of development by category, the platform presents a comprehensive visualization of the hydrogen ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean. Additionally, it offers country-by-country information that allow exploration of their growth potential and areas of development over time. The index is available online free and is updated annually.

The preliminary results of the 2024 Index will have a dedicated slot at the 4th Hydrogen Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean (H2LAC 2024), providing early insights into the results to delegates.

To access the platform, click here.

If you have questions about the index, please contact our experts at: chile@hinicio.com and colombia@hinicio.com.


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