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Hinicio joins forces with entrepreneur Hans Kulenkampff to accelerate the development of hydrogen and energy transition projects in Chile

Strategy consulting firm HINICIO and entrepreneur Hans Kulenkampff announced today their decision to join forces to accelerate the development of HINICIO in Chile and enhance their market presence, with a particular focus on hydrogen.

HINICIO´s CEO Patrick Maio commented: “Over the last few years we have actively collaborated with Hans Kulenkampff in the development of hydrogen projects in Chile and Latin America. As founder and president of H2Chile, the Chilean Hydrogen Association, Hans is one of the very few persons I know in Chile who’s able to concretely help our customers lead the transition towards more sustainable energy and mobility solutions, offering both a very solid technical background, a great understanding of the local market dynamics, and a unique network of high-level contacts. He will help us shape better solutions for our customers integrating the reality of the local context. Hans´s vision and our vision coincide very much in this respect, and together we will be able to boost our joint capabilities and leverage HINICIO´s brand and global footprint, to serve our international and local clients in Chile with best in class service and long term commitment, which characterizes HINICIO´s DNA”.

Hans Kulenkampff added: “For several years, I knew I wanted to start-up in the energy transition field, and as a Chemical Engineer I knew hydrogen would be a key component for the solution I would bring to the market. I also knew the business should start in Chile initially because our country has the potential to become a leading player in the hydrogen sector in Latin America, and possibly in the world. I just did not know exactly when I would do it, with whom and what would be our core value proposition. Destiny and hard work sometimes create opportunities in life, and you cannot miss them: HINICIO wanted to reinforce its presence in Chile and Latin America, and I quickly realized they were the kind of partner I needed to succeed. HINICIO is one of the very few strategy consulting firms that has been working on hydrogen for 15 years. They have advised leading global energy utilities, automotive producers and suppliers, investors, governments, and multilateral donors in 3 continents. Their client portfolio is amazing, they have offices in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, and their consultants’ international team is very talented. HINICIO is a perfect match, with a transversal management style, strong values, digital minded, and agile decision-making process, this provides a perfect environment for innovation. I am delighted that our paths crossed each other and together we will be stronger helping our Chilean customers to build sustainable strategies and projects in order to get out of the current crisis with credible alternative growth scenarios.”

Both parties also informed that they will jointly lead commercial developments nationwide and reinforce their joint human capital in Chile in the coming weeks, with the objective to quickly become the leading advisory team in hydrogen and energy transition in Chile and in Latin America.

About Hinicio: HINICIO is a strategy consulting firm specialized in sustainable energy and mobility. Our areas of expertise include renewable energies, energy storage, energy efficiency, and sustainable mobility. Furthermore, since 2006 HINICIO has been developing and consolidating a unique competence center in the field of hydrogen energy.

About Hans Kulenkampff: Hans is a Chemical Engineer, graduated with high distinction from the University of Concepción, Chile (2015). Since 2016 he has developed multiple techno-economic studies along the entire hydrogen value chain and across all three application segments: Mobility, Industry, and Energy with a special focus in Chemical and Mining Industry. Hans is the founder and current president of the Chilean Hydrogen Association, where he has been invited as a speaker to more than 10 seminars, courses, or conferences both nationally and internationally. During 2019 Hans was a visiting researcher of the Techno-Economic Analysis Group (IEK-3) of the Jülich Forschungs Zentrum in Germany.


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