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Hyvolution 2024: navigating the future of hydrogen – insights and perspectives

From January 30 to February 1, Paris was the venue for Hyvolution 2024, the largest hydrogen event in Europe. During this three-day gathering, Hinicio actively participated, connecting with over 500 hydrogen companies and key figures across the hydrogen value chain. The engagement encompassed involvement in forums, conferences, and sessions dedicated to discussions about the future of hydrogen. 

Hinicio showcased a booth in the exhibition area, where experts offered guidance on Power-to-X project development assistance and strategic consulting. Furthermore, Patrick Maio, our CEO, shared valuable insights during a panel discussion focused on optimal strategies and solutions for the development of Power-to-X (P2X) projects, engaging with guests from Elyse Energy and Vulcain Engineering Group. 

Hyvolution 2024 – Source: Hinicio

The future of hydrogen and the associated discussions are influenced by the challenges and opportunities that emerge in the ecosystem’s development. Which discussions retain significance, and what new ones are emerging to strengthen this market, not just in Europe but also globally? Below, we present essential takeaways from the event that we believe are crucial for moving towards a worldwide hydrogen market: 

  • Access and electricity pricing are fundamental enablers in France and Europe for making hydrogen a reality. Value chain-integrated risk-sharing models still need to be designed at this early maturity stage to enable large-scale hydrogen and P2X projects to become a reality.  
  • Regulatory complexity needs a drastic reduction in Europe in 2024; investors require clarity and certainty.  
  • The project development landscape is evolving, with developers increasingly looking towards international projects. Regions such as LATAM, the Iberian Peninsula, Scandinavia, and Morocco have significant potential.  
  • Interest is growing in exploring eSAF and eMethanol production pathways. 
  • As project maturity grows, certificating products has never been more relevant and the need for the European Voluntary Schemes for #RFNBO to be recognized is becoming a priority. Certification will enable the end consumer to claim incentives and boost demand. 
  • As project maturity grows, certifying products has never been more relevant, and the recognition of the European Voluntary Schemes for Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin (RFNBO) becomes a priority. Certification will enable end consumers to claim incentives and boost demand.  
  • To maintain momentum in European equipment industrialization, the industry needs to unite to mitigate risks linked to technology performance within large-scale electrolyzer deployment. 

Hyvolution 2024 – Source: Hinicio

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