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REPowerEU and RFNBOs Delegated Acts, two documents for kickstarting the rise of hydrogen and its derivatives in the coming decade.

In May, the EU Commission presented two long-awaited documents:  the “REPowerEU” plan aims to rapidly reduce the EU dependency on imported fossil fuels from Russia and accelerate the energy transition  the Renewable Energy Directive Delegated Acts sets out the framework for the production of renewable hydrogen and derived fuels (RFNBOs)  Both publications are amending major […]

The European Commission opens a new path for the energy sector integration and includes hydrogen related projects

The European Commission opens the Horizon Europe’s Call “Energy Sector Integration: Integrating and combining energy systems to a cost-optimised and flexible energy system of systems” which seeks to demonstrate the benefits of sectoral integration in different geographic, climate and economic conditions. In this sense, the nominated projects should demonstrate the benefits of the integration of […]