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With a budget of 25 million euros, the Walloon Government seeks to implement new solutions for hydrogen development

In July 2021, the Walloon Government opened a call for the financing of H2 projects that will promote the energy transition in the region, especially targeting sectors that use fossil fuels as the main source of energy. Among the main objectives are prioritized the decarbonization of transport and local industry through the creation of hydrogen production clusters considering the current economic trends at the local and inter-regional level. In addition, the call focuses on the development of scalable business plans and with a high return on investment through progressive technological advances integrated into the entire value chain.

This call has a deadline of October 17, 2021, and seeks to benefit companies and operators that develop projects integrating renewable hydrogen, both in their production prospects and in their consumption. For this, HINICIO has a specialized service capable of advising, evaluating, and supporting the development of these types of projects. If you want to know more, we invite you to visit our Hi-Grant Service Suite and contact our experts at



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