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With an estimated investment of USD 4 billion, a project to produce 180,000 tonnes of synthetic gasoline per year from green hydrogen will start in Uruguay

With the support of Hinicio, ANCAP, the Uruguayan state-run oil company, and ALUR, ANCAP’s subsidiary company, have selected HIF Global for an e-fuels project in the Paysandú area.

This project aims to produce 180,000 tons of e-gasoline per year, using 710,000 tons of CO2 captured from biomass combustion and cereal alcohol distillation, as well as 100,000 tons of green hydrogen production. To achieve this, an alkaline electrolyzer with a power capacity of 1 GW will be installed, along with an additional 2 GW of renewable electric generation in the country, sourced from photovoltaic solar and wind energy.

Hinicio supported ANCAP’s technical evaluation team throughout the selection process, which included a call for expressions of interest, the development of proposal evaluation terms, and submission reviews. Three projects were selected, and the winner was then determined.

The project will require an investment of approximately USD 1.985 billion for CO2 capture, methanol production, and the completion of synthetic gasoline, as well as USD 2 billion for the installation of wind turbine parks, photovoltaic farms, and transmission lines within a radius of up to 180 km from the city of Paysandú.

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