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Hinicio supported the Government of Namibia and Hyphen Hydrogen Energy for the largest green hydrogen project in Sub-Saharan Africa

A $10 Billion Feasibility and Implementation Agreement (FIA) has been signed for the development, implementation, and operation of this project, which aims to produce 2 million tones of green ammonia annually before the end of the decade.

Hinicio conducted the technical and environmental due diligence of the project. Based on its critical assessment of Hyphen’s development plans, it advised the Namibian government on the main risks and opportunities to be incorporated into the FIA.

Its development and implementation will enable the creation of local employment and workforce development, drive the deployment of renewable energy technologies, lead to the development of shared infrastructure, benefit the entire energy system, and provide Namibia and the African continent with a high-value export product.

Juriaan van Tilburg, Manager of Hinicio in the Netherlands and project lead stated that in line with Hinicio’s support for companies and organizations aiming to develop large-scale Power-to-X projects and international supply chains for hydrogen and derivates, it is expected that Hinicio can continue supporting the government in the development of this ecosystem.

The project is being established as a first step in the implementation of the government’s strategy for the development of a large-scale green hydrogen industry in several regions of Namibia.

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