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Hinicio, new member of the U.S. Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association

Hinicio is pleased to announce that, following the launch of its new office in the U.S. last February and after many months of work to position its presence in the continent, it is now a new member of the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA), the leading industry association in the United States representing the organizations promoting the production, distribution, and use of innovative, clean, safe, and reliable hydrogen in the country.

After denoting the strong interest from different key players in the U.S. for the adoption of low-carbon hydrogen for different industries of the national market, Hinicio opened its first U.S. office in Washington D.C. earlier this year. Since its launch, Hinicio has worked on providing support to European clients for entry into this continent (U.S. and Canada), advising U.S. companies to succeed in their hydrogen investment strategies, supporting federal and international agencies in implementing optimal policies and certification schemes, and assisting corporate investors in leveraging investments for hydrogen projects development.

In the same way, for more than 30 years, the FCHEA has promoted the development and commercial expansion of hydrogen in the U.S. by providing a consistent industry voice to policymakers and regulators, and currently represents more than 85 organizations from different sectors.

Becoming a new member of this association – which aims to advance the commercialization of and promote the markets for fuel cells and hydrogen, facilitates the coordination of efforts for the adoption of policies, regulations, and technical issues for the development of this ecosystem in one of the world’s leading economies, promoting not only local environmental and economic benefits but also achieving global decarbonization goals.

This new partnership reinforces the presence and expansion of Hinicio worldwide, which is also the founder of other national and regional hydrogen associations such as Hydrogen Europe, France Hydrogène, H2Chile, and Hidrógeno Colombia and an ally of H2Peru and H2Mexico.

If you would like to learn more about Hinicio’s new office in Washington D.C. and this new partnership, please contact us.

Hinicio North America
1200 18th St NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036
United States of America
+1 202 372 6384

Ana Angel
Head of Hinicio North America


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