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Hinicio received an award as Best Hydrogen Service Provider in Latin America and the Caribbean

In the frame of the 2nd Hydrogen Congress for Latin America & the Caribbean – H2LAC 2022, held on October 4 and 5 in Cartagena, Colombia, Hinicio was awarded as Best Hydrogen Service Provider at the H2LAC Industry Awards.

The awards, which were launched for the first time this year, were intended to recognize the projects, programs, and leaders that are driving the hydrogen economy in the region and highlight the most relevant initiatives around this ecosystem and energy vector. Hans Kulenkampff, Head of Hinicio Latam, highlighted Hinicio’s trajectory in the region for the achievement of this recognition. “Since Hinicio started its activities in 2015 in Latin America and the Caribbean, we have executed a wide range of energy transition projects. It is exciting to see that our corporate vision focused on hydrogen is becoming a reality”.

Likewise, Felipe Bernal, Head of Hinicio Colombia, stated that “this award represents the positioning we have gained at a regional level through the development and strengthening of the relationships with our clients, in which we have understood and accompanied their challenges both at a strategic and project level for their incursion into the hydrogen ecosystem.”.

On the other hand, Hinicio and New Energy Events also presented the final report of the H2LAC 2022 Index at the congress, an index that evaluates the development of the hydrogen industry in the region in terms of public policies and regulations, ecosystem development, number of projects, mobility, and international cooperation. The H2LAC 2022 congress, known as the largest green hydrogen conference in Latin America and the Caribbean, brought together ministries and representatives of regional governments, CEOs and business leaders from different sectors and representatives of international cooperation organizations.

Although preliminary results had already been presented and had positioned Chile, Colombia, and Brazil as the three Latin American countries with the highest level of hydrogen development in the region, and registered the marked interest of the Caribbean countries to integrate hydrogen projects, it was concluded at the event that:

  1. Hydrogen can facilitate a new integration of the region in the transformations of the energy transition value chains through exports.
  2. LAC is well-positioned to produce, store and distribute clean hydrogen at a competitive price.
  3. To ensure that hydrogen is a vector of the energy transition, certification mechanisms must be developed.

The 2nd Hydrogen Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean marks a milestone for the development of the hydrogen ecosystem in the region, positioning and enhancing the capacity of Latin American and Caribbean countries to compete in the international market.

Please visit the official press release here to learn more about the H2LAC Awards 2022 and the other winners in each category.


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