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Hinicio strengthens its leadership in Europe with the appointment of new Heads in Hinicio Benelux and France

Hinicio continues to grow in response to the expansion of the hydrogen market and the interest in achieving decarbonization goals in the European Union. We are therefore pleased to announce the arrival of Thierry Grauwels as the new Head of Hinicio Benelux and Nicolas Pouget as the new Head of Hinicio France.

As Head of Hinicio Benelux, Thierry Grauwels will lead the development of Hinicio in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and as Head of Hinicio France, Nicolas Pouget will lead the French team and will be based in Paris.

Before joining Hinicio, Thierry held several business and market development positions in the European energy market, specifically for Shell, Fluxys and DESFA. With about 25 years of experience, he has a proven track record in developing and optimizing businesses in evolving regulatory and commercial environments.

Nicolas has nearly 20 years of experience in the management of energy, climate, and sustainable development projects in Europe and worldwide. As a decarbonization expert, he worked for the past nine years at SUEZ Consulting in the Strategy and Mobility business unit before becoming its director in 2021.

As the hydrogen market evolves, so does HINICIO’s presence on the continent, supported by one of the most selected teams of experts worldwide.

If you want to know more about our new leaders, please read our full press release here and get in touch with us.

Hinicio Benelux

Hinicio France


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