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Hydrogen is a credible answer to global energy and mobility challenges

Earlier this month Hinicio published in the international sustainability magazine Revolve the feature article ‘Hydrogen – A credible answer to global energy and mobility challenges’ as part of its ‘Mobility solutions’ special edition. The 8 pages – feature article explains why hydrogen is becoming a cornerstone solution for the energy transition in Europe and beyond. The article addresses the triple challenge of environmental sustainability, wide range zero emission mobility and massive integration of intermittent renewable energies through power-to-hydrogen schemes. Furthermore, it includes an exclusive interview with Patrick Maio, CEO and Founder of Hinicio, sharing expert insights on hydrogen and fuel cell’s development for 10 years.  Find out why hydrogen and fuel cells are part of the climate solution and how it will become a key component of tomorrow’s energy and transport revolution.


Download full feature article “Hydrogen is a credible answer to global energy and mobility challenges” 


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