Successful Argentina’s RenovAr Ronda-2 tender program attracts 228 renewable energy project proposals adding up to 9.4 GW!

As expected, the number greatly exceeded the 1,200 MW quota that the Government is bidding on through the Round 2.0 RenvoAr Program. The government is exultant about 228 presented proposals for renewable energy project for 9,403 MW.

Except for small hydropower projects, the rest vastly exceeded the sector’s expectations. Wind and solar PV projects represent the vast majority of offers, with 3.818 MW for wind and 5.290MW for PV. Furthermore, biomass proposals for 188MW, biogas projects for 60 MW, biogas offers of sanitary landfills adding 15 MW and small hydroelectric projects for 32 MW were submitted.

The economic proposals will be published on November 23rd defining which plants will be shortlisted and built within Ronda-2 tender program. The final awarding of projects will take place on November 29th.

According to Marcelo Lavarez, lead of the Argentinian Chamber of Renewable Energy (CADER), the capacity and number of projects greatly exceeded all expectations, showing the overall health and outlook for renewables in Argentina.

Patrick Maio, CEO of Hinicio stated from Buenos Aires: “Although we expect that a number of projects will either not close financially, or not be able to sign PPAs under the conditions set by the government, this tender is already a great achievement for Argentina and there are very few countries in the world that have shown such dynamism in the renewable energy project development space over the last few years”.

Interested in participating in future Argentinean renewable energy tenders or receiving news from the ground? We at Hinicio can certainly support you. Please find here more information or contact Patrick Maio, via mail or ☎ +54(0)911.


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