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Experts in Colombia analyze the current H2 challenges in the country

Colombia has emerged as a leader in energy transition and development among countries in the LAC region. The country’s progress is exemplified by implementing public policies that align with its long-term goals, utilizing renewable energy auctions, regulating renewable hydrogen and geothermal production, and creating roadmaps for offshore wind and renewable hydrogen development.

Assessing the ongoing uncertainty in different sectors of the country, particularly the energy production sector, Hinicio organized a webinar aimed at examining the changes, challenges, and new opportunities related to renewable energy and hydrogen. Representatives from the public, private, and educational sectors participated in the webinar.

Attendees received an overview of the unique aspects of the country’s current energy transition context. The ensuing discussions focused on hydrogen and its derivatives, exploring the roadmap for its development, export potential, local demand, and investment opportunities.

Here are some of the main points that emerged from these conversations:

  1. When it comes to achieving an energy transition, technical aspects are not the only challenges that need to be considered, as social impacts and opportunities must also be considered.
  2. Private companies with experience in developing hydrogen and derivative projects globally are key to the development of this ecosystem in the country.
  3. The export market can be an enabler for the development of a local market.
  4. The fulfillment of the roadmap requires joint coordination among the country’s ministries, among other things.
  5. Investments should be directed towards renewable energy, electrification of public and heavy transport, energy efficiency, and research and development.
  6. Human capital development is crucial, and academia plays a critical role in the pursuit of decarbonization.

Want to know more about the potential of hydrogen and derivates in Colombia? Watch the full webinar here:


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